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    Sorry it's been so lengthy boys and girls...but hopefully these will make up for it. I got a fresh garment and I needed to see how it looked on me. oh, and then I had to "pay" the camera man... Posing just for joy...

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    WARNING: Unsafely illustrated kinks ahead! Hey all you cool cats and kitties who requested more ink: This antique evening on the orange sofa is for you! Taunting....

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    On Sundays I usually need to relieve from a active hectic week. And for that there's nothing finer that a nude walk in the sun, a hot friend (here is [[Lexo|Lexo]]) and my crimson hat! OK...one more for today....

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    My man bought me this sundress, I sense good in it and he loves to ogle me in it too, so we thought that we would see the reaction of others, hope you like the pics. non only close-ups !!!...

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    Jeans And Whaletails - I witnessed the jeans section and I had to post. I know some guys like watching g-strings displaying out of jeans so I thought I would send some. for her soldier...

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    ..die Komplimente haben uberwogen. Dem Wunsch nach Bathing suit und weiteren Details konnte entsprochen werden...alle Meinungen sind willkommen...Geschmacksache oder.. Evlise with guys at work...

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  • Laura Sand Nude Soiree Costa Rica Damsel

    the rest of the pics taken that warm fall night..the very first contri posted on halloween so hope everyone had a good halloween! lol and well i was engaged in the kitchen making pumpkin pie that night so see for ensue pics!Happy Huanting!

    November 2018 1:6:46

  • Two Suntanned sweethearts Sixty-nine on the plage

    Brittany and I woke up to a wonderfully sunny day and determined to have a bit of joy. I didn't want to ruin the surprise for her so I blinded and tied her arms up. I only let her jizz when I said it was okay and it drove her crazy. The rest of our session will be posted soon! Hope you enjoy!

    November 2018 9:7:22

  • nice fat sand booty jiggly caboose spy 54

    Here fresh photos from Laure, actually shots (09/1999), sorry for bad quality but we can't let see the rest of this photos. On this time Laure is prego and we have taking some shots, coming shortly. Merci pour tous ces commentaires, Laure adore ! Post in private shots, PDPMEMA...

    November 2018 5:53:2


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    A old school work of art...please post more. Your aficionado jeff_owl@hotmail.com

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    Howdy Tubby. You getting enough to eat these days there, Fats?

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    Cheap jail tattoos, rotting teeth and a knife scar on the face. What more could a man want?

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    Bella mogliettina... ma perché non ci mostri la sua patatina liscia e non ci fai ammirare le sue autoreggenti?

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    Superb, Brazilian Couple! We're a sportive duo of 33 (me) and 36(hubby), both slick clean-shaven and nice. We'd like to send you some of our best pics, only for your pleasure (we don't have enough courage to share with the world, like you) Here

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    Hubby and I liked your pics! You have a beautiful little body! Love those boobs!

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    very beautiful sexy lady all the pics are excellent but the 5th pic flashing her streatch marks are awesome love a belly with marks,i voted superb hope to see more.

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    looks more like a bag of potatoes.

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    I'm crazy for your fur covered beaver

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    if what you say is true. then get naked

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    Another artist...He think he is Andy Warhol repeating the same picture next to each other...why you dont put one pink, one blue,one crimson.

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    Excellent! Pls send the avi mooseandsquirrel54@yahoo.com Thx!

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    youngest naturist dollVery attractive woman with a nice smile and figure. I'm looking forward to more pics.

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    youngest naturist womanStunning as usual. You are absolutely beautiful. Please keep posting.

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    wow - what a package - but color is in and b/w went out in the 1950's

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    So nice to see another mature woman that doesn't shave...very womanly!!!

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    Jo Linda, is that indeed you..?? nice pictures

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    I just don't care for the faux tits. Other than that, very good.

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    Beautiful Bubbzz set is wonderful..short butt sweet...we need more of this kinda thing as too many peeps on here are just entirely nekkid these days..pics 1 & Two are awesome and have gone into my file for the best pics of July folder...Adored Pic 1 SHE HAS A LOVELY Culo PLEASE DO MORE OF THE SAME, SHE LOOKS GREAT..IGNORE THE Cootchie PUSHERS AND NUDE ONLY NUTTERS ..PISS EM OFF AND POST SOME MORE..AS YOU CAN SEE ABOVE YOU HAVE PLEASED MANY PEOPLE THANKS XX OOPPSS CAPS LOL

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