• Exbitionist

    These are just some pics I took of my wifey while she was sleeping. Something exitine about taking pics of one when they aren't in the knowing. After Shave!!!!!!!!!!...

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    Here are some shots of me at play.I get hot when I think that guys and ladies are revved on by my bod. sexy comments from both guys and damsels real turn me on so please help me out. Having with fresh fucktoy...

  • Voyeurism

    Just before Christmas, I ran several threads on the BB to help me determine if I should trim for Christmas, the results were close, but pruning was a little more popular. These photographs are the result Fotos von mir...

  • Family

    when me and my ex gf split up she left her pics that we had taken together with me and said to do what i dreamed to do with them so here they are i would like to get comments I love my wifey...

  • Hot

    Just a quick clip of my hot little brazilian wifey taking her fav fuck stick. Any couples interested in some joy around the DFW area let us know. Sans bra on the boat!...

  • Young

    Last week i received a call from an old friend of mine. She bought a fresh blue plaything and asked me to make some pictures. Hope, you love it!! Parte prima....

  • Sand

    We just got the camera and have been vw & RC members for awhile and s/o said to post, not Fag, don't need bullshit comments, if it's not worthwhile don't comment!! okay i won't hide it ;-)...

  • Amateur

    Sorry Mom, he made me do it! But it was lots of joy :-) For you doubters I truly am 61 years old. I'm attempting to get the senior vote - they're horny too. Just messing around!...

  • Nude

    A day excursion and she couldn't keep her clothes on.... Ladies if you like what you see leave a comment with email addy... Don't leave behind to vote SUPERB if you want to see more!!!!!!!!! Me at the playa....

  • Nudity

    The clubs in the city are sooooooo cooooool, i mean the ladies are free spirited and blessed about life......its a good place to bring a camera. in ferie 2013 sempre nuda...

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  • sexy spanish playa damsel cameltoe big tit 171

    This is Egg, she's 41 and works at a checkout in a supermarket - we have fountains of pics but she's does not want her face shown at this stage - in this series Egg is wearing MY underwear and getting ready for an orgasm.

    November 2018 5:58:21

  • jerking off at strand building with jism

    This didn't work the very first time so i'll attempt again. Please post in private shots and label them 35 wifey. Please don't give out my email address. If I get good feedback I'll send more. I'll send one at a time.

    November 2018 16:48:45

  • Strand honey - tits from my wishes

    Its Abelle's 2nd contri, she was so shocked with the response from her very first attempt that she determined to post the rest of the contri and produce as promised. She has taken the advice from all of your well recieved comments and has "shown more flesh". Thank you all for your continued support and enjoy!!

    November 2018 18:17:41


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    Panterina in swimsuit thong...good

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    very nice form figure. good sexy smile

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    Very first picture is like someone vandalizing the Mona Lisa or Venus de Milo...UGH!!!!

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    You are stunningHot and sexySuperb, of course

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    I vote SUPERB for you,you're so lovely & sexy....PERFECT BODY...I' m going to spunk on your pics,DO YOU WANT TO SEE ME DOING IT? I would like to see more of you on bathroom with your undies on, possible ?..trade pics with me? Georges001@cegetel.net

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