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  • theSandfly Awesome Sand Views!

    These are some pics from Mardi Gras at Soulard in St. Louis. I will be sending more as time permits. Can't wait till next year, what a soiree !!!! Thanks to all the staff at VW for running such a good site!!! PDPMEM Sense free to say that they are from

    October 2018 9:29:36

  • nat throatsfucks craig at the playa

    Got wifey to post by promising to post too if she received a positive response from all of the RC viewers. So a deal is a deal....but side bet is if I get more comments than her...she will flash her face next posting....PLEASE HELP ME WIN.....Thanks and leave comment.....

    October 2018 16:15:19

  • Bodybuilders make love on the playa

    Here's Raphaelle, a friend of mine (pics taken a duo of years back), after hitting the bottle ! We got a bit thrilled and here are the pics ! The quality isn't so good but I'd like to see them anyway on the Private section. Any comments are welcomed on the BB (don't give away my e mail)

    October 2018 23:20:55


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