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    As always please leave a comment or stop by on the PS BB's and let me know if you like our latest set or just to say hi (I do read all of them). is waiting for you guys...

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    had a 1872 madeira on my bday in my bday suit on st tropez. am ready to go back. anyone want to go? celebrating my freedom, and dreamed to share pictures. Positive comments please....

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    Here's my little fucktoy Jessi posing in black on the couch in our room. She keeps my spouse and I active with all sorts of little activities. Hope you love. For you and just for you...

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    Not many comments or votes from my last set of pictures. Here is a fresh set. Hope you like and hope the comments are slew and good. I am a fiend...

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    Thanks for all the positive comments; my lady get horny to get comments from nice ladies and not only...here a fresh one for all of you _______________...

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    Josie C Two Here ya go V-webbers. Here are some pics from a motel rendevous. I think this lady is indeed hot. Hopefully you will think so too and she will let me do more pics Just one more...

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    Hi group from crimson cloud my wifey went skiny diping in the pool so I got out the camera and got horny salut a tout les francophones Anna's butt...

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    My gfs very first time and she is loving it so much ;-) hope you like it and if theres a lot of nice comments then more might jizm. A little more.......

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  • Adventurous duo have hump on the strand

    Jackie Wearing A Swimsuit. - Sorry for the lengthy delay in getting a post of Jackie up. Here it is hope you like her with brief hair. If you leave an email address she will get back to you. The more explicit photos will be posted in the Naturists section. Thank you and love.

    November 2018 22:5:30

  • Nude Strand - Freckled Redhead Teenager Cutie

    More from our "soft swinging" encounters. A bunch of pics from one time we went to a local swinger club, after playing with a duo she was truly horny when we got home and just had to solve that "little problem".

    November 2018 18:25:28

  • Nicolette Threesome on the Plage

    We took these just for joy, after a night out clubbing. when she eyed them she joked that i should "send them to a magazine or something, see if we can win something"!She doesnt know im posting them here, but good comments will mean more pics (plenty more where these came from - maybe RC too)

    November 2018 9:41:39


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