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    hola..espero que las pongan pronto, pues tenemos un calenton que no aguantamos, nos encantan sus comentarios..a la espera de poder verlas muy prontooooo, reciban un saludito For anybody....

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    It was one of those fabulous late afternoons, nice temp and the sun low in the sky, brilliant for a few pics. Sooooo..............out came the camera. She is pregnant...!...

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    A photo shot in the island of Paros, Greece. It was very hot as you can imagine and at the end of the session, we found out that Four people, hidden by the rocks, was looking to Tina.... :-) se volete vedere di piu...

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    Just a duo of Russian bashful women. Met them at Crete, they were suntanning for hours. Almost didn't get their feet humid. Very timid, they didn't even display a boo for 20 days! Tits gf...

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    45 & Looking Good - Weather is getting nice so Spoiled Rich Bitch and I determined to love the back yard. For 45 she doesn't look too bad! Me for who likes a man rod....

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    Our princess is so horny, and would love your comments and votes for more shots. These are all self shots to entertain me while I'm traveling. Easter week-end in Rome...

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    Yes, I had her permission to observe from the window. She didn't know I had the flick camera. Afterward, I got her permission to share and she was very excited to know that others would love this. M* Stuart Very first tim...

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    I just bought this crimson spandex underwear together with the crimson stockings and I thought I must flash it to you, hope you like it..... On holiday in 1979...

  • Sand

    We went for a journey north to visit family. Jeni had purchased some fresh boots and was keen to flash them off for me. What the hell, the side of the road was as good a place as any ?? What do you think ?? (Wife and her friends)...

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  • Anal on the Plage is the Best !

    These are the final out-takes from the various nude photos I've taken of my wifey. She thinks she's getting too old for this sort of thing, so unless she switches her mind and poses again these will be the last we post here.

    November 2018 17:45:39

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    Went out for a wonderful dinner down town. We left the restaurant and Ms Mexican was experiencing a little kinky and hot so she determined to commence taunting me. Lucky valet parking boys had fairly a demonstrate from her too. Afterwards we went home and continued the good evening.

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    Here are some photos of Nicky, my beautiful wifey of ten years and the mom of our two kids. I think she is the most exceptionally sexy and beautiful woman I know. It took some persuading to get her to let me post these pics, but I'm sure that with some encouragement I may be able to post some more.

    November 2018 11:49:8


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