• Family

    The comments I got from the calendar photos were so much joy that I had to post some fresh ones of me lounging around the pool table one afternoon. Lovely!!!!!...

  • Voyeur

    Sandy Chic In The Sofa - Sandy Chic Dans Le Lit - In the afternoon, in the couch for and with my boy friend. Dans l'apr?s-midi, dans le lit pour et avec mon ami getting into the bathroom...

  • Suntan

    This is my wifey Erycka. I love to take pics and share them. here is a set we took a few weeks ago, if there is a good comments we will send more. pdnpema. Love my wifes figure good moment...

  • Amateur

    She passed out one night and was unmovable so I took a few photos to reminisce the occassion. She is so ultra-cute when she snores!!! just at home...

  • Photos

    Here are some more pictures........ The last ones i sent in had a few in them that weren't ment to go....sorry....... I will be looking forward to your comments............ tities and more...

  • Suntan

    Here are some shot of my Wifey. Sorry but she doen't want her face to be seen right now. Hope you all like and vote for her, and maybe I can get her to send in more and nicer shots. Joy stuff......

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  • Tia on a public Playa + Surprise

    Last year we travelled to the Caribean with Trio other couples. One of my friends wives and I have always had eyes for each other and hubby didn't mind. He asked me to get some nice shots, since I'm into photography, of Steph out on this private Island while he was off snorkelling.

    November 2018 16:40:28

  • Nymphs display nice bums in strand

    I bet most of you would like to meet this Thai beauty, now based in the UK... There could be several lucky ones, as she's a real whore and she would be willing to! Post nice comments and vote, and you could be the lucky one!

    November 2018 18:34:8

  • Nude & Sexy Miami Playa Stunners Pt.4

    Hey Guys, Sorry it has been so lengthy since my last post. I am in the middle of moving and things have been real hectic. Here is a little something I threw together for you guys. Thanks for all the devotee mail! Love and Smooches HeatherPink

    November 2018 16:26:51


  • Wrote mima_I_al

    Love the creativity! I think I will fix my wifey a pair of pants like that!!!

  • Wrote deckard45

    I know you are outside but whats wrong with a sexy pair of footwear and some lingerie?

  • Wrote nadalero48

    Left behind to give you my E Mail craven1more@yahoo.comHope to here from you briefly

  • Wrote Jeremyconty

    Thanks for the pics. I woke up too early this morning, but these pics are so boring I can now go back to sleep.

  • Wrote Eins

    Sollen wir es der Tina mal richtig besorgen? Das ist unsere Spezialität. Ein Wink bei den nächsten Einstellungen genügt. Wir melden uns dann.

  • Wrote Rainbow_A

    not sure how any of these other commentor can have any thing to say other than how crappy the photography is. can not see dame.

  • Wrote mari_marina

    Superbes pics !!!! Smooch de Cannes

  • Wrote moosbumme

    Two. Keen-eyed folks who'll notice that your "pussy" is blurred a bit in Picture Nine and who want every photo in a

  • Wrote waterford

    Spouse is right and has super taste in women..Thank you both for permitting us to see what a beautiful sexy women you are..

  • Wrote acurist

    hi guys, excelent pictures if want tarde photos wit other serius duo, please send mail to margalee2003@gmail.com smooches

  • Wrote Tonypazz

    Do her from the back, she is built for that. Very nice.

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  • Wrote fifiper

    Nice! bobhaddock123@gmail.com

  • Wrote charliebi

    congratulations to *Both photog & model. Good contrast/etc.

  • Wrote ednet76

    Halloween fun??

  • Wrote rojoe1958

    I don't know if she will do another flv for everyone. The rating is kinda low and there isn't to many comments....c'mon let's help her out

  • Wrote ride2222

    Need a shot from the oposite angle so we see that fine pussey. But then there was that supreme nip shot again!! Sweet!

  • Wrote playmax223


  • Wrote dickperfect

    You are so fucking beautiful I'd love to smooch and nibble on every delightful inch of your sugary figure. Tell hubby to save the milk for the baby!

  • Wrote hubertusX

    she is hott..! love that manicured bush..mmmmmmmmm

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  • Wrote BiMale35

    She Looks like a lot of joy, lucky dog

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    We would both like to taste that sweet cootchie. I would like to be eating his pouch while hubby drains off

  • Wrote MJV

    from brasil....lovely, but a recomend u do a tatoo over the scar....is beautifull...greatmoreno56br

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  • Wrote Andy1951

    I absolutely love your knockers !! Your entire "package" is "top shelf" !!!

  • Wrote klb_jyden

    photo of family nakednessvery nice butt and yes this is RC material some just do not know what they are talking about please post more of the butt and tits

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    Get over it...theres another million more like her in this world...go find um

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    how much does she weigh

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    love your forms and your awesome tits

  • Wrote rcnth

    Truly Superb... so that's how I voted! Can you have your photographer sit in a car and post pics taken thru the car window of you pressing your breasts against the windows while your tits are peeking out of your shirt? ( o )( o ) Eyeing your breasts pressed against a car window would be a fantasy come true! (a sexy spin-off of the Progressive "Rate Suckers" commercial!) Keep up the superb work! Vinny (vinnyv3@yahoo.com)

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    seen all your past contris....I like you

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    Good looking titties and nips

  • Wrote gqmanofth

    Adorei sua historia e suas marquinhas maravilhosas envia mais fotos

  • Wrote carl1jg

    i realy cant say that the nymph is extreme hot.cant say that i like her poses realy.BUT i can say that u post them on the wrong section .... a real hidden cam wouldnd say to "his" model: ok baby and now do this and this .......

  • Wrote iavswn

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