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    She likes to jizz for me... You can send her a email (it's o.k. to publish her email addy) We are still looking for a female to play with us, outside of the Detroit area I like it!...

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    Wifey thought I was texting while she lotioned up. Always wondered what others would think of my beauty. 46 and looking good to me. My beloved past time....

  • First Time

    Thanks to all those who commented on our very first post a few weeks ago. Both Helen and I appreciated all the positive comments. Determined it would be a good idea to post some more of her for your pleasure. part Two of bday joy...

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    See ya on the RCBB and sense free to reach out and say Hey to us! We are usually around somewhere (or getting into trouble in some form or fashion!) ;-) houston joy...

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    We took this photos at park middle of the city, near the playground. Some daddy almost dropped with surprise... :-) I dont understand, we take just a sunbathing and take some photo... ;-) Playa del carmen mexico...

  • Daughter

    This is the very Very first time my wifey Kim (43) has permitted me to post any of the (hundreds) of pics I have taken of her dating back ten years. Good comments might permit me to post more. old photos of my female...

  • Close Up

    Well one day i was walking on the street of some place and i noticed something yeahh it was i sd card!!! i guess what i found in the memory yeah and i want to share with you guys!!!! Soapy tits...

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  • spy strand cameltoe jiggly caboose 169, 170,

    These photos are from my honeymoon several years ago. She is very modest and I can't believe she let me take the photos. I've been unbable to take any since then. I bought a film scanner basically so I could scan these photos and share them with VW. Hope you enjoy!

    November 2018 11:48:16

  • sexy spanish playa damsel cameltoe big tit 171

    It's my purpose to keep you all guessing what I will post in "Nude In public" each month. This is by far my Dearest category. I hope you all love. I had a blast taking them . It was windy but still LOTS of joy. ;)

    November 2018 6:12:38

  • Fluid Time at Playa, Alcudia Bay, Mallorca

    I ultimately had a day off, and woke up to a beautiful morning! So I determined to take some pics for you. This theme was just brilliant for me, because I always take my own pics. I hope you enjoy! And as always I look foreward to read your comments!

    November 2018 21:51:56


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