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    Howdy to everyone, It has been a very lengthy time. Here are some pics taken while on holidays. Hope everyone loves, and I will reaction all at the BB. Smooches waiting for some joy...

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    Photos of the month last, during a smallish weekend outside the city. Thanks for all its commentaries, indeed we luved much this, many smooches, Terry & JL very sweet mummy...

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    I came home from work today and found my wifey Carrie lounging in this hot Tasty Couture pink garment. So I grabbed Carrie and the camera and off we went to take pic's. Let me know what you think. Please call blue-misc1...

  • Suntan

    This is our very first contribution. Hope you like it. i'd love to read some nice comments...Girls or couples who want to exchange pics can always contact me XXX I love the rear view...

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    After some homework (clothed as you can see) I went downstairs into the kitchen to get ready the meal. All of a sudden the bell was ringing and my sis asked me for some salt... More of the fuckslut...

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    This is our 2nd time posting. Love this site. We like looking at others contributions. Thank you for the supreme comments last time. spank me please...

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    I hope you love these pictures as much as I luved making them for you! Please leave a note for me telling me what you think. Kolezanka P...

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    Oh, yeah, this one is most likely staged, too. Where did we last leave off on the Li'l Tigress thread? Oh, yeah. I sold my restaurant in Puerto Rico and bought this auto parts store. That's right. nude for you...

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    It was warm inwards and cold out, so what nicer way was there to spend and arvo.Im a 38 y/o mom of one. I hope you all like the pics. my life for a blow-job...

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    Just For You - My very first contri had such a warm response, you gave me the courage to submit again! So here's a very special thank you. Bike Exhib - Only on bike...

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    Hi Folks, Nice to be in Naturists. This is my very first time on vw. If comments are good , i will keep em' going. These photos are from Antalya / Turkey! Just some good hard-core...

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    Thank you so much for all of the excellent comments! Here are some pictures in my fresh sundress. For all of you who desired to see some act here it is. I hope you will also take a peek at my site. cleaning out the computer...

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  • candid teenager plage spy 29 milky big jiggly booty

    hi everyone, well some of you loved our last set of photos, for those that did not, MORES ON THE WAY. Every one that sent us a e-mail, we will reply to you all asap (busy time of the year. These are from the same evening. bye for now.

    November 2018 11:26:13

  • Thai Honey with Two Guys on the Playa

    Out in the Smokey mtns, it was such a nice place to shoot, but i only had time for a few because some people were flashing up. sorry this is how she said i had to post them (wife) no face, i might get her to post more if this goes good.. ;-)

    November 2018 4:31:17

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    Hi Kate, my Hot little Blonde Wifey and I just recently bought a Olympus Digital camera, and we LOVE It! She dreamed me to take these photos for your viewers pleasure, and would love any feed back they might have. She is a little Hotty Guy's!

    November 2018 23:54:2


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