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    Hi Sailor and all. Same lady again. (Can I help it if I think she's got a good body? lol Anyway, love her, and there's more of her still to come. using a timer...

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    This is the best pix i got this past weekend at the Pride Parade in Toronto (June 26-27 1999) almost got my camera raw too, damn those super waterguns!!! Just checking things out...

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    Hi from St. Louis! I'm glad you liked my last contri. I had a lot of joy with it. This is a special request from one of you sweet guys- my baby touch. I'm hoping you like these too! Smooches Sasha After bathroom...

  • Young

    Halloween is the best time of year for our Weird Fun!!! Leave us some comments on the pics or maybe give us some fresh ideas for future posts!!! Without bra....

  • Public

    Here is collection of misc polaroids she uses to send some of her chattingpartners. I will send more with some organization when I see her posted!thanks.. Want some???...

  • Plage

    Late night of drinking she wished to do some dancing in the game room so sorry about the sound it's the music she desired to listen to. just playing with myself!...

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  • Thai Honey with Two Guys on the Strand

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    Howdy from the home of the unabomber and other various kooks. Here are some pictures from the 27th annual testicle festival in Rock Creek Montana. I'll send the rest of the pictures Ten at a time if you want them.

    November 2018 3:55:24


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