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    These pictures of Lin were taken last summer. These are our very first subjugation. If Lin gets a good response we will post some more. self pic :)...

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    Rae asked me, "can I assume the position?" which means i get to take a duo of pics if i will bury my face in her bootie and munch her til she cums....a superb trade-off! playing on vacation...

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    These are more pics of mona from texas. please put them in Naturists. she is 24 and would love to hear comments on bulletin board. call them mona more. Spanish Bathing suit Femmes Four...

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    OK, so this is the 2nd attempt - the very first was obviously too hot, so apologies to all of you out there that think this might be a bit tame, but I did try! Overflowing her snatch...

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    This is the very Very first time my wifey Kim (43) has permitted me to post any of the (hundreds) of pics I have taken of her dating back ten years. Good comments might permit me to post more. do you like it ?...

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    After some coaxing, wifey gets courageous enough to turn over and flash herself. 1. Nice butt. Two. Nip peeking out. Trio. Okay, check out the knockers. Does this count?...

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    Just a friend of a friend. She's in my neighborhood, Fairfax, Va. I've known her for years. 24 years old. Works at a local CVS. love my wifey sabine...

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    To all of your shallow comments about the room being messy on last contri. we were in the middle of laundry day and took a brek to take the pics so there is no milky garbage here. Thats why there is no face pics.

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    I even took into consideration the fact that some would like a spot of hair on top of the joy parts so I took some time and grew a little back for them. Albeit I do choose no hair as it is lighter to maintain.

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  • Nude Playa - Horny Exhibitionist Duo

    My wifey said that since I put pictures of her up on VW (After my wifey and I showered 1 & 2) that I would have to post some of me here. This is in our backyard after we got out of the hottub in the background. It's a little cold here for railing the bike, but let us know what you think.

    November 2018 2:30:44


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