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    Bellagio Piano Bar NorCal cutie at Bellagio Bar around Midnight one Saturday. I hope you like her and encourage her to want to pose and post more. I think she is sexy, she is not so sure!! Hot g-string selfie...

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    Reading such nice comments after the last posting made her day...and mine. Thats the 2nd part of the Cactus-shooting with closer pics. Please comment hot A night away...

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    Howdy all!! Here are some pics we took at a nearby park, we had joy troopin' thru the forest anyway! (Special appearnece by KB) Let them know what you think...Enjoy!! Highlander just looking sexy...

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    Tiiiina S'Exhib En Rayon... Une jtite galerie sans pretentions, juste pour le joy. Love, have joy and see you briefly. Bises de Toulouse. Elementary day...

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    Curvy Dame in Three Parts (2/3) Curvy Doll loved the coments from you guys (and girls). For the most part, you folks seem to love her assets as much as I do. We hope you like this set Fluffing up the lips...

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    I am 59 years of age. Just flashing that we can still have a little joy. These photos were taken in Kuala Lumpur on a latest holiday flashing booty on the boat...

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    Hi! She is my 26 yo italian gf. do you like her? This is her very first contri... I'd like to receive a lot of comments... her too! peeped titties...

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    Here's a multiplicity of pics taken from my (too) many outdoor wank sessions. I realize it gets a bit redundant, but, it is what it is. rite place rite time...

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    Helena liking my homemade fucking machine. If you want to see the movies and my other "sexual inventions", just click on the link "her site" at the right of this text... Wanting to play...

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  • Wifey Spreading on Public Strand Two

    Here are some photos I made for the guys in uniform. It was a lengthy day in the hunt for the bad guys. I had to stop after a while for a cool down. I kept my weapon close at mitt. Just in case. This is my very first contri. I hope to send in more.....*****

    November 2018 15:51:33

  • Ana Mancini shows her jizz-shotgun at the plage

    Portugal May 2003 ... We went down to the strand for an afternoon, a isolated plage !! By the end of the afternoon, there were about Five or Six local guys watching from a cliff top nearby. Hehe ... what a hum. Hugs Jan xx

    November 2018 3:48:25

  • Jacking and finger-tickling at public strand

    Hi, Here are some pictures i took from gf. She loves to display off in her sexy underwear. She would appreciate comments(man AND Female) on the BB, or sent to her email. Please post this in the private section under title "Beautifull Bambi" so we can find it lighter. Thanks

    November 2018 6:12:47


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    That's a bitch and a half

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    Filthy smoker. Just won't do. And she ain't much to look at either.

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    Hi, I loce your breasts, areolas and puffies too, if you "share" photos , would you send me a "bra" pict please...rearendlovr@aol.com

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    She's a hottie!! Love the smile.

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    PLEASE send lots more of her sexy

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    She spent the entire fucking time in the sundress, and she STILL needs her face blurred out?! Look, if she's that ashamed to be seen doing this, then leave her the fuck alone. You should've taken one of the strippers home and took pictures of them ins

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    Post your email and I'll send you a special pic if you want, Geebs!

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    tits. wish i could ask scotty to slat my up to her room while hubby is away and she and me get to do it like the animals in the discovery channel :) love more of her pics at apsajith

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    What a gorgeous, sexy and stunning woman. That assets is flawless...so toned, suntanned, sugary and delicious. The poses are classy, yet hot, sexy and alluring. But, it's your face, eyes and look that made me dissolve. You are the total package.

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    Whoa--more "acquired taste." Not for me, thanks.

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    i think this lady is particularly beautiful. anybody know if she is famous or anything like that? where else i could find more of her? thanks. and i liked this set of pics, thx for putting em up.

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