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    I didn't think my pictures would be posted.....logged on today and eyed they were....OMG!!!! Thanks Webcam for the sweet comments. I'll be more bold now.......Yikes!!!!! Guess my size !!! :-)...

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    After I posted some nude camping pics a duo of weeks ago there were requests for closeups of my shaft. Not excellent pics- cell phone- but let me know if you like it and I'll see what I can jizz up with.... go after the line...

  • Movies

    Howdy All, thank you for all of the wonderful comments. I attempted to email everyone that left an address. Some requested a 2nd set..so here ya go. More of last Contri!...

  • All ages

    These are a few pics from our camping tour to raystown,PA. Please e-mail her with your comments ........................ HOPE YOU ENJOY! No stroy Just comment....

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