• First Time

    Greetings again from Sunny South Africa! here is part three of our morning ritual. Hope you have as much joy viewing it as we have recording our fun! hot summer afternoon...

  • Suntan

    From Switzerland (Part. 3) - Freuen uns auf jede Zuschrift auf Deutsch.. ;-) Und freuen uns auf jedes Voting. Liebe Gr?sse Paar-CH Merry Chistmas,...

  • All ages

    I took these photos of my gf Terri in Chicago. Terri loves to take her clothes off...dance...and make me fully erect. I hope she does the same for you! thanks ajoe and owl :-)...

  • Photos

    Questa e la mia ragazza non sa nulla ma non posso resistere a non farvela vedere ha 27 anni e mi ha confessato che si farebbe toccare da una ragazza senza esagerare solo per provare.aiuto More for You!...

  • First Time

    Hey Guys & Gals ! Thanks for the excellent comments. I love to read them all. Here is another subjugation for the RearView contest. Hope you love the view ! Hugs*Paige This is for Juice1...

  • Nudists

    This is a fetish of ours. She is an Arabic doll. What you think? Let me know your comments. Don't post e-mail. *********PORTUGAL************* my very first pics...

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  • Plage Kiev Love will save the world

    Woman In Black - I was just attempting out a few poses, I was a bit reluctant to put them up because they dodn't display it all, but there are slew displaying it all on here, and I like to be different. So if you want to see it all, don't bother looking any further and keep your childish comments to yourselves.

    November 2018 18:3:55

  • Rubdown in playa club(Japanese)2

    I'm sharing some photos of a dear Mummy friend of mine. We've had some superb & wild times together and I miss our adventures. Looking at these photos gives me a nice warm journey down Memory Lane. Positive comments will yield more photos...

    November 2018 2:52:9

  • Huge-titted dame stripped to the waist on plage jamboree

    I love my jammies! They're so soft, and when I'm walking around my room, I'm either naked or in my jammies. Now as you all know, I love to masturbate, so I love getting out of my jammies too! As good as my jammies sense all over my figure, my thumbs perceive even better! ;)

    November 2018 11:5:13


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