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    Here are a few more pics for the "Photographing Myself" Theme. Thanks everyone for all the superb messages on my last post. See you soon! Smooches, Amber xoxo She ultimately gave in....

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  • Playa Hidden cam - Two couples fuck on sand.

    With Derby coming up in a few weeks I thought I would delve out some pics from last year. It was my very first excursion and I am going back again this year. Honestly if I didn't know nicer I wouldn't have even know there was a pony race going on. Just a big soiree and a good excuse for chicks to get naked.

    October 2018 16:24:23

  • Legendary porn industry star at the strand

    *Re Angelic Michele: Crimson Sundress Two - Hi Kate&Gang! Vwers! :) No big story this time around.... If you missed part one, look a duo of days back, please! :) Hope all is well and you are all having a fine week! Love, xx Michele

    October 2018 2:27:34

  • big bulge caught on the strand bluto hardon

    Hi VW squad & viewer's Here are some picture's I took of myself while Spike was at work. Also a duo of spread shots for the contest. All votes are greatly appreciated, Thanks again for all the flattering comments & votes for my Aug.2 contri in free style ( SugarandSpike rollerblading) OXOX

    October 2018 7:11:8


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