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    Hi guys, today I introduce for the very first time my lovely wifey Christel. She 38 years old and mom of three and I love her so much. Part Two of Fantasy Flash...

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    At 42, 5"3",110lbs. my wifey wonders if she still has the look.You be the judge. 23 years married and it gets nicer all the time. Hope to hear positive feedback, if so, we'll be back! Thanks! Maby ou can taste my Man rod...

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    Select pictures of my wifey over the past year. This could be called our 2003 contri. I would love to showcase her a bunch of positive comments, turns her on and I get more. Thanks in advance. Love friends. see you asap...

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    Flashing! - Hey, It's been a while since my last post, but I have slew more coming briefly. These were taken a little while ago - what else is there to do on a cloudy day? Hope you like them! Jenn xx spankable, isn't it?...

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    As you can see, thinks are getting sexier at the motel. She is getting bolder by the minute. Keep those comments nutting, they are truly motivating! All'aria...

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    love to showcase off my wifey. she's 28. find me if you want to talk and trade about each other's wives. youngcouplene19 is id if you have pics too these i saved for here...

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    Random Pics/Sleeping - We posted here eairlier with mixed comments. Wifey was very unhappy but I thought maybe these would be more to your liking. I hope for finer comments. Thanks everyone!...

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    non so cosa mi spinge a mostrarla, forse dopo tutti questi anni il piacere di sentire se piace e se eccita. Per mariti come me, niente singles per favore, potrei condividere le sue foto a patto che mi mostriate la vostra moglie.

    November 2018 12:47:40

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    I shot Bridgett for the 1st time last month and she mentioned that she had considered posting on VW a number of months back, but never did. This is her 1st contri and as you will see, she is a very limber model. Desertrat

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    hey...i KNOW her!! :) holy fuck, i don't know her like THIS however.

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    I'm with bimale. I'd love to empty your testicles in my mouth or on my face. My wifey loves to see me while I please other guys. She even brings some of her masculine co-workers home for me to suck off.

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    Left behind to mention, picture Six is fantastic...just ready for the taking :)

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    Voted "SUPERB!" I would not punch her out of bed...UNLESS there is more room on the floor! Fine looking woman with a pair of magnificent tits! I'd like to know just what size of boulder-holder she wears. Thanks for demonstrating, sharing, posting and for HER POSING. Hope to see more photos of her AND MORE of her. ....dh1978fd...

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    Come vorrei essere stato quel giorno a scala dei turchi...

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    Beautiful in every way!

  • Wrote bostonwin

    dam hot love them

  • Wrote danielj945

    See my comment above and the two on WW.

  • Wrote joey_camb

    Couldn't you have waited till they came OUT of the water before photographing them?

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    Nice...more please

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    I voted you a "fair" would have voted "very good" or "superb" but you didn't have the courage to boot that pretty face. What's with the silver thing? You should have put on a lone ranger type mask or even nicer yet

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  • Wrote nudopar

    Looks like ludicrously large labia stashing under the g-string.

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    Fantastic figure, excellent picks. Paula "wearing nothing but my lil' yellow panties" any chance of observing the possessor of the little yellow undies.

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    Good day to be outdoors with your sexy beauty and nature.. loved the pics.. thanks for a few illicit desires, troydjl@aol.com

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    sand pissingLOVE the pics!But am very doubtfull of the story. I seem to recall Alicia have a tattoo along her ribs in a series of pics a while back.... Hmmm...

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    Now That Culo and Vulva Need Some loving!!!!

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    I'd love to see my name on those sugary tits. dercer@yahoo.co.uk (Pete)

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    Amazing!!! They look so chewy n suckable- more, more more!!!

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    flash didn't work, but the blur did.... hmmmm....

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    fine, more please!

  • Wrote Termite30

    I So Envy What You Two Have, I Miss That So Very Much, Thanks For Sharing All of Your Wonderful Passion With Us1

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    smokin hott figure but NO FACE indeed took a lot away from this contri. I would have voted superb.

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    nice labia but does she have breasts?

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    I would hate to see her stand up

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    You are beautiful!! The poses are great!! Your photographer SUCKS!!

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    "Aphrodite"...really? Your looks are ok I guess. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. However you need to go back to high school and take an English class! Next time type the contri up on word and use spell/gramer check. Thank you.

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    Super set of pics !

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    Awesome photos! Good figure, love the booty pic number Four. Looks like you could use a good spanking!

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    Clearly, I am not the only one who thinks a natural woman is a beautiful woman.

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    Damn! You're HOT! Loved everyone of your pics. Each displayed you a different way, and you were lovely, sexy, and/or beautiful every time. Particularly liked the half-shirt in pic Two. Would like to see more shots of you wearing it and more of you wearing nothin

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