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    I got Gigi to let me take some more pictures of her the other night, instead of studying. She's amazing. She says she'll put the finer ones on her site. Just friends?...

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    En Cartagena, en la playa Hollywood, frente al Motel Caribe, el mejor lugar para hacer braless y mejor aun, cuando estabamos en el Sail 2010 y estaba lleno de Marineros...jejejeje deb posing...

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    Howdy everyone! Its been fairly a lengthy time Ive sent fresh pictures to VW, but Im back and would like to wish a glad fresh year to everyone with these photos. Smooches, Angelina Continuano le vacanze......

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    thank you for all your lovely comments to my very first part.Here I switch from a horny marionette to a horny nun.If you can, see the Rc-Version too.Love Pe Princess wifie's dark butt...

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    Hot Sexy Timid Wifey - Hey there. My wifey is very bashful and has commenced to come out of her shell. These pictures have been taken over the last 8 months! I think she's absolutely hot and hope you do too! Are these suckable??...

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    this is my 1st contri, need some feedback if i should submit more. these are unaroused pics, give me a reeason be get sexually aroused. just my twat...

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    Just having another good time. Some have commented about no wedding ring, doesn't usually wear jewelry when we are suspending around the building. Thanks for all of your comments. >>>>>Ass>>>>>>>...

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  • Uber-cute blonde nymphs at strand - hidden webcam

    Thanks to Sailor and everyone for the nice comments on AC's last contribution, "Asian Cutie Looking Cute." Since the comments were so good, we thought we'd send another set in. Thank you Kate and VW for a fine site.

    October 2018 22:10:30

  • mature duo having fucky-fucky on a public playa

    Hi , We noticed that NIp seem to be a bit bony on the ground so we attempted to delve out some from our archives, love. Where are we?? If you guess right you may win a prize...........always looking for ladies for a g/g shoot, any takers?

    October 2018 2:8:28

  • theSandfly Hidden cam Playa Paradise!

    Determined to take a few pics of the wifey at Christmas. I took about 30 shots but unluckily many of them were a little shaky. I will get myself a tripod and do her more justice next time. I hope you still love the few shots that were ok.

    October 2018 1:46:43


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