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    2nd part of the hot flash that took place during Eros 2007 in Switzerland, with another famous artist from planet romp. Did you recognize her? I hope you will love the display. I hope you enjoy!!...

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    Got horny at work and needed ease. It is a quickie but i embarked recording just i commenced to jizm, as I didn't want to get caught. I'm a little bashful....

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    Lola, still the Christmas introduce from Bad Santa, still in her chains, having the accessories that came with her used upon her. some shots of the whore...

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    This is the 3rd part, I hope you liked our contributions. I need more comments to coax my wifey to do more crazy photos. We need a fresh theme, suggestions are requiered. Thanks Alittle joy by myself...

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    Have to send these in two parts fro the same contri due to lack of e-mail space. My hubby took these, nothing special, but working on more. mMy wifey bod for you....

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    Wifey loved the superb comments from everyone last time. we hope you love these. again if comments are good we are going to do a Naturists contri. In the Bahamas Two...

  • Exhbitionism

    This is my very first contri. I was in vacation in a beautiful strand in south of Brazil (Praia Brava - Florianóplis). I hope you like. Youthfull Apples snatch pics...

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    hey my name is candyass and i love to taunt and please you!! i love to get my man all hot hard when he come home for lunch! we love to take pictures to get us hot!! what you like? My wife's beautiful tit!...

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  • Caribian Playa - Anal-Threesome

    Been a while since we submitted anything, but figured you guys/gals would like to have a look see at a VERY HOT Miswest Cowgirl. And who knows maybe we'll get enough votes to win one of the prizes. LOL Get those votes in all. Afterward,

    November 2018 1:40:45

  • Nude Playa - Hot Double penetration Three ways on the Shore

    Bridgett This Hot Brazilian Love Doll that I call BRIDGETT loves to fuck, suck, piss, dance naked for a crowd, groups, women, folks, and machines. Lets give her time and ENCOURAGEMENT from the Nudists/Nudists/HomeClips group

    November 2018 2:32:24

  • Nude Strand - Deep Railing & Rear end

    This is my very first time taking pics outside! It indeed turns me on and made the car rail home very fun! There will be more to ensue for sure...very shortly. I read all my comments and love them all. Leave your email address and I'll send some extras ;) Until next time...

    November 2018 3:46:29


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    natural lady. Thank you dear folks for sharing her beauty with us all.

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    You are aware that tatertots are largely artificial, right? Whereas, these look totally natural and delicious.Narly nips rule!!!

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  • Wrote mickeytease

    whatever pictures you take or have taken... Liz you are wonderful

  • Wrote hillbilly

    Looks nicer with the "dres" on

  • Wrote FISTaGIRL

    Had to rate this one as "Fair"...Lose the G-String and it would have been "Superb"... Showcase that twat.

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    Decisions, Decisions....both are very pretty but if I had to choose one I'd go with the ex-wife as she seems to be more my size! :)Best Regards, Lurch...PS..Does she live in Atlanta??

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